Welcome to JayMed Inc.

Advanced Nationwide Diagnostic Testing Services

JayMed Inc. has been providing specialty diagnostic services for physicians in the medical community nationwide since 1990. Our extensive experience, and dedication to excellence, has proudly earned us a stellar reputation with our patients, physicians, and staff, within the medical community.


Our ultrasound procedures are performed by the highest level of registered technicians, skilled in performing echocardiograms, abdominal, aortic, renal, bladder, pelvic, and thyroid sonograms. Additionally, we perform vascular ultrasounds, including carotid, and lower and upper extremity arterial and venous studies for health practitioners. These diagnostic procedures assist in augmenting an integrative approach to wellness and preventive medicine at the macro level.


JayMed is the nationwide leader, performing in office advanced nerve studies (NCV exams) for healthcare providers. The NCV does not use needles, is non-invasive, unlike needle EMGs, and is extremely accurate. This nerve testing helps healthcare physicians screen patients for impinged nerves, neuropathies and a host of nervous system disorders.


Our experienced medical staff can also answer any questions by phone you may have regarding the specifics of the medical diagnostic exams and testing indications for your patients. Call us at call directly 954 889 0001. You may also fill out our request form, and we will respond promptly.